One of the Popular New Art Platforms that Use AI Tech

Popular New Art Platforms that Use AI to Generate Beautiful Images

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Popular new art platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate beautiful images using various techniques. Have you heard of them? There has been a recent increase in the popularity of new art platforms that use machine learning or deep learning algorithms to create stunning visuals. These tools can produce excellent results by harnessing the power of AI. They allow artists to focus on their creativity rather than having to spend time perfecting technical skills.

one of the Popular New Art Platforms that Use AI Tech
Popular New Art Platforms that Use AI to Generate Beautiful Images

Make Your New-Age Masterpiece

There are several ways to start creating art with these tools. For example, some popular new art platforms let you upload photos from your phone and then apply filters to create something new. Others build upon existing artwork such as paintings, photographs, or sketches. Many also offer tutorials and courses to help beginners learn how to create amazing visualizations. If you have an idea of what type of work you want to do, these tools will guide you to get started. Once you have begun working, you may be able to share your creations via social media, email, and more.

Putting Art Back into AI: The Benefits of Using AI in the Arts

Artists who choose to incorporate new technologies in their creative process need to understand how it works so they know where their limitations lie. Some of the benefits of working with AI include:

Faster art creation speed

This is great if you’re looking for quick results. You could create a piece in minutes instead of hours.

Better control over art quality

As mentioned above, AI doesn’t guarantee perfection but it does give you more control during the creation process. For example, you could reduce noise or blur out unwanted objects entirely.

More options

Since AI isn’t limited to only one technique, you might find yourself exploring different mediums. Perhaps you would like to try painting with AI or maybe take up sculpting with it.


Leading Art and AI Platforms

Here are just a few examples of leading platforms that use AI to bring greater artistic freedom to users.


A platform designed specifically for visual effects composers. It lets artists create realistic 3D models that can be used for animation projects.

Picasso Vision

Picasso Vision provides AI solutions for image recognition, classification, and content understanding. Through its advanced technology, this tool helps designers and other artists achieve better outcomes.

TensorFlow Studio

Tensorflow Studio gives artists access to powerful computer vision algorithms. You can use this tool to add depth and realism to your artwork. Learn More About AI For Artists & Creatives…


Vectr is one of the popular new art platforms used to generate beautiful images. It offers a variety of software tools for digital painters, including brush tools, sketching, brushes, and palettes.


Why Should You Use AI To Create Art?

Some people don’t think that AI plays a role in art-making because there are many other factors involved. However, a deeper look at the topic reveals that AI is already being applied to art production. Here we highlight five reasons why AI should be considered when thinking about incorporating new methods into your creative process:

1. Creativity

One of the most important functions of AI is helping artists explore new ideas and approaches. This tool can aid in expanding the boundaries of traditional art forms, which makes it possible for creatives to break free from old habits and move toward unexplored territories.

2. Ease-of-use

AI is incredibly easy to use for both experienced and novice creators. With little training, you could be using these tools within a matter of days.

3. Quality assurance

Unlike human artists, AI does not require any kind of judgment. This means that you won’t have to worry about missing details, inaccurate color choices, or poor proportions.

4. Speed

While humans usually spend weeks or even months on a single project, AI allows you to complete tasks much faster.

5. Flexibility

Because AI has no limits, you can experiment freely without worrying about the outcome. So far, AI tools have proven to be extremely versatile and can be incorporated into nearly every stage of the creative process.


The Bottom Line

If you’re in it for the bag, know that there is real money to be made off of AI. The tools are currently still fairly expensive, so if you aren’t a professional artist yet, it probably isn’t worth investing too much time and effort into learning them right now. But once they become easier to adopt and cheaper, expect to see a lot more creativity coming from today’s top artists.